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Press Release - New CD Release captures Texas Music
Independent Texas recording artist Redneck Jedi is proud to announce the 2015 CD release of Freedom. 
Freedom is the bands seventh release over a 13-year span. "This CD is special, the songs come from personal experiences and is intended to honor those that have served, continue to serve and have given everything for our freedom," said Dennis Phillips, Executive Producer.
Phillips, also a member of the band and chief songwriter depicts within the music his personal experiences. "I come from a long line of service men. I'm proud of this country and those that defend her." The title track Freedom as well as Old Heroes resonates the theme of the CD. "Old Heroes is very personal for me, this was a kid that I saw everyday until the day I never saw him again," said Phillips.
The CD introduces new vocalist Edward Jones. Jones brings a Texas country sound to the band that truly highlights the overall feel of the new CD. Jones' vocal range is the focal point, but the music itself shines through giving this Redneck Jedi release a comprehensive feel for the listener.
"There is something here for everyone," said longtime bassist Daren Underwood. Freedom is a well-rounded CD that features sounds from many genres’ including country, southern rock, rock and a bit of blues. "We have always done that," said Underwood, "Every album has a little bit of everything, we just call it Texas music," said Underwood with a grin.
After months in the studio, "It seems like it has taken awhile to get this one done," said Dennis Phillips, "but perfection was the goal and both producers nailed it." The band recorded Freedom at Warroom Studios with Producer and Engineer Dustin Hendricks in Sherman, Texas. "Dustin has a lot of credentials under his belt and for this recording, Dustin just blew right past any boundaries to produce an amazing recording. He captured the band, our sound and feel," said Phillips.
The band has released the album through digital media such as iTunes and Amazon and physical copies will be ready for retail shelves at the end of April.
Supporting the CD with tour dates as well as radio releases, Redneck Jedi looks to rival their own 2009 Road Runner tour. "We covered a lot of ground in 2009, our fans are expecting us and we are not going to disappoint," said Phillips. The band has made several appearances in 2015 and look to add CD release shows to the immediate schedule.
For more information visit For booking information contact Dennis Phillips at 979-250-2733 or
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New Dates Added and more to come

That's right Jedi Fans,

With the CD Production complete, and Post-Production nearing completion, we can once again focus on what we do best!

Playing Live in a Town Near You!

New Dates added to the calendar, and we are in negotiations for several more!

If you don't see your town, let the folks at your favorite local spot know you want Redneck Jedi there, and let us know which bars you like to see your favorite bands, and we'll do everything we can to get there!

Hang tight, with our first Single already on the radio and attracting attention, we expect to be breaking into the Texas Regional Radio Chart very soon. Many of you have already called and requested "Old Heroes" - we thank you  and ask for your continued requests to help us move up that chart. This part is all up to our fans and public at large, so please be a part of the Jedi Nation and help us out!

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CD is finished, planning out the CD cover.

Last week all of the recording portion of the CD process was completed! All that remains is editing, and post-production magic, then it's off to the manufacturer, and in a couple months, we'll have Freedom available for you!

We've started our search for models to use for the CD cover, we'll only say that it involves WWII-esque bomber nose art.

We have some great submissions and it's getting tough to choose between the best models. It sometimes feels like this part of the CD requires more work than writing the songs! But, we're well on our way and are starting to make the final choices that will ultimate steer the art department right where we want them to go.

We're excited about this, and can't wait to get it out there!

Everybody is taking the rest of the year off to be with family before the final stretch and the start of the release tour.

So until next year when we put rubber on concrete (lookout DFW), y'all have a safe and Merry Christmas, or the holiday of your chosen belief, and a Happy New Year!


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Inside the Warroom

The battle raging inside the Warroom will have amazing results as Redneck Jedi continues the new CD "Freedom." This past Saturday, Daren and Courtney laid down the backbone of the record with outstanding tracks of pure perfections. Newly appointed Producer Dustin Hendricks (pictured) has taken his role seriously throughout the project.

The band spent two days getting the heart of the record down. This week Brian is laying down the acoutic rhythm tracks and Dennis will be in later this weekend to get after all the remaining guitar parts. It will be a long weekend, but the new CD is really coming together well. Thanks to the guys at Warroom Studio for all their hard work!

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Photo shoot in the can

  Redneck Jedi spent thsi past Saturday with Photographer, Zeke Bermudez tromping all over Robertson County. The result are some pretty cool new tour promo photos. Look under "Snaps" and go to media files, we will be adding the new shots soon. Thanks to all that helped get this done!

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Visit the tab MUSIC to purchase and download the new
CD digitally, or if you want a physical copy mailed to you....

Order your copy of FREEDOM now.
Easy PayPal check out.


Take a listen. Clips are roughly :30 long.
Track 1: Freedom | LISTEN |
Track 2: Bummed Out On The Bayou | LISTEN |
Track 3: Old Heroes | LISTEN |
Track 4: In My Own Time | LISTEN |
Track 5: Take Me On A Monday | LISTEN |
Track 6: Cajun Purgatory | LISTEN |
Track 7: Stay | LISTEN |
Track 8: Baby | LISTEN |
Track 9: Rock-N-Roll | LISTEN |
Track 10: Lottery | LISTEN |
Track 11: Nobody Gonna Tell Me | LISTEN | 


Official Reviews for Title Track - FREEDOM
"This song has a sweet taste of natural and peak music. I really loved the male singers voice it is so slow motivated and smooth it just makes you relax and makes you listen to it over and over again it is so enjoyable. I am sitting back and enjoying a beautiful evening with classic music."

"The song has sexy soothing vocals that are deep and melodious. The lyrics have soothing and tearful words to the listener. The music is very good with the acoustic drum set. It is played very well and I enjoyed this music piece that the artist has created, well done."

"I love this country song and I love how this song was starts off. You don't have to change anything in song and I love the way you put in the guitar solo. I love the voice and the lyrics are amazing."

"The opening guitar chords of this song have a strong country style. This singer has a deep voice that reminds me of Trace Adkins. Lyrics have a patriotic theme that ought to appeal to country music fans. The string and percussion melody is sweeping and made me want to tap my feet. I enjoyed this and think the artist has a gifted voice."

"I thought this was a song by Tim McGraw based on the opening riff. I am a huge country music fan and patriotic music and lyrics always hit home with me. This song could be an anthem for the Fourth of July. Patriotic lyrics are fewer and fewer these days and this was a nice song to hear. The guitar was slow, but not too slow. The drums kept a steady beat that matched perfectly with the vocals."

Official Reviews for Title Track - NOBODY GONNA TELL ME WHAT TO DO

"This song just rocks its country way in. The singer has a gruff voice that fits his country. No one is going to tell him what to do in the lyrics. His voice moves along so fancy free and right. There is a spirit to this song that has soul.

"This was a good song. It sounded like this tune is something that I would have listeined to back in the day. What really made this song was the slow mood and the melody of the song. Indeed this song is something that I can relate to and definatly listein to every day if I had to. Nice tone from the artist. And great pitch and melody."

"Not a lot of country singers can pull off a good hit in my opinion. I think this song has a true country theme to it. Singer sounds serious about his listener and the effect of the song makes me thing of horses and cowboy hats. I like the guitar effect from it. I like how the lyrics have mixed emotions and make you laugh."

"First thought 80's Rock ballad!!! Then the country kicked in and it was a pleasant surprise, I like the song vocal is good and fits nicely with the sound of the track. Not too cheesy which some country songs can be, I would definitely listen to it again, nice job."



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Danny Underwood
Marquez, Texas
Mar 26, 2015 @ 5:01 PM

Looking forward to seeing y'all soon!

elle johnson
horseshoe bay texas
Jan 30, 2015 @ 7:45 PM

Love thid band!!! Best music around!!!!!!!!

Earl Roe
Aberdeen, Scotland
Jan 30, 2015 @ 3:20 PM

"Music for Life" truer words

Mert Guthrie
Fort Worth
Jul 06, 2014 @ 2:33 AM

Great site! Look forward to following along.

Wimberley, Texas
Jun 17, 2014 @ 2:35 PM

Like the web site and the Lottery Song is pretty cool... it's got a twang to it Hope to see you live soon!

Daren Underwood
Jun 17, 2014 @ 10:53 AM

Yo! I got your email forwarded form Hays Co tyvm. I like the Lottery song! Let's JAM!


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